On Saturday we will occupy the city and make our demands public!

Along with many coalition partners and political activists, we invite you all to be there and participate – no matter whether you’re young or old, whether you are active in a union, a youth organization or a party. It doesn’t matter whether you come alone or bring friends and family along: simply drop by and be a part of it!

The day of action will start on Saturday at 13:00 at the Fredenbaumpark. From there we will be protest marching through the ‘Nordstadt’ until we reach the ‘Friedensplatz’. An exciting programme is planned to take place there: listen to famous speakers on the stage; participate in political actions; perform live in our street theatre – or simply join in to make the day also a memorable one for the children in Dortmund. In the evening we will get loud again: the highlight of our day of action will be a great open air concert!

Alongside the various political actions, we are paying attention also to information and education: in the town hall there will be an interesting exhibition about the history of the workers youth movement. A conference with even more exciting participants will offer you the opportunity to get in touch and exchange and discuss face to face.

The day of action grows by our cooperation and solidarity: we are many. We are diverse. Yet as the political left we know how important it is to emphasise the ideas that unite us. To realise how important it is to learn from each other. Only if we cooperate closely, we can change the world. We will take our future in our own hands!

Got the vibe? If you and/or your organisation want to be part of the day of action please contact us. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!