Rise Up! Wir für ein schönes Leben – we proudly present our poster for our Day of Action in the city center of Dortmund on Saturday, May 11th. They will be all over Dortmund!


Due to many requests of our regional branches, we are opening the registration procedure until April 15th. Make sure to save your last open participants’ slots quickly! See you soon :) !


Guntram Schneider confirmed his participation at the Workers Youth Festival! Guntram is the minister of labour, integration and social issues in North-Rhine Westphalia. He will listen to our points of views, answer our questions and discuss with us at a panel. Guntram will also join our congress in Dortmund’s city hall on Saturday!


Finally you can register for Workers Youth Festival!

Just click on “Registration” and you will be guided through the form.

The registration form is available in German, English, Spanish and French. Group registration will start next week.

You might have realized that we posted some FAQs on our web site. Don’t worry – they will be published in English in a couple days!


1) General information

2) Participants of Jusos and Falken

3) International participants

4) Registration

1) general information

  • How much is the participation fee for Falken and Jusos?

The participation fee for Falken and Jusos is 35 Euros. Included are accommodation, three meals a day and of course the amazing festival programme. Please note that travel expenses are not covered by the participation fee. If you register via any other organisation, participation fee may vary due to administrative reasons such as travel reimbursement. 5 Euros of your participation fee go to an International Solidarity Fund, which supports comrades from all over the world in coming to our festival.

  • How can I register?

Registration via the festival website is open mid-January onwards. You can register either as a group or individually. After completing the online form you will receive an email with a link and only after confirming this link you are officially registered! For more detailed information concerning the registration process, have a look at the “registration” section of these FAQ.

  • Where will I sleep?

During the registration process you will be asked to decide whether you want to stay in a tent (accommodating several people) directly at the festival area ”Fredenbaumpark” or at a classroom in a nearby school. You don’t have to bring your own tent. Of course, bathroom facilities will be provided at both sites.

  • What about food?

At Fredenbaumpark, we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally, self-organized cafés will serve little snacks. Food will come in vegan, vegetarian and meat (without pork) options. If you have special dietary requirements, please mention this in the registration form.

  • I want to know more about the programme! 

First information about the festival is already online! We are constantly updating the festival website with ever more concrete information – so check it out regularly! On our facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/workersyouthfestival you can participate, discuss and contribute your own ideas. We will supply the complete political program prior to the festival. This gives you the chance to prepare at home and for instance already decide which workshops to attend and which speakers to listen to.

  • How can I support the festival?

Why not become a tent sponsor? Or order tent sponsor flyers in our web-shop, so you can campaign for tent sponsoring at home. By becoming a tent sponsor you help us generating the financial support we need in order to bring international comrades to the festival. You can learn more here. If you want to contribute to the festival programme, send us your ideas in our online form – we are looking forward to hearing your ideas! We also always need helping hands at the festival. If you would be willing to volunteer during the festival and support us through assuming little tasks – please let us know beforehand!

  • Code of Conduct

For us as socialists it goes without saying that we want to experience solidarity in our daily life. However, if so many people come together as they will at the festival, some rules for living together in solidarity are inevitable. At Workers Youth Festival, we will not accept any form of exclusion, sexism, homophobia or other kinds of aggressive behaviour. Personal space and boundaries of everyone will be respected by everyone. Symbols such as national flags will not be permitted and have to be left at home. Also practical matters such as respecting quiet zones are part of a lived solidarity. Our “Code of Conduct” will be accessible to every participant prior to the event.

  • ”If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution” – Cultural programme at the festival?

In addition to the political programme you will find diverse leisure and cultural activities. At night you can meet in a beer garden or gather around a camp fire. If you feel like dancing, you can choose between two dance floors, offering something for every taste – be it charts, rock, alternative or progressive hip hop. You also have the opportunity to attend a reading or take part in a poetry slam. If you want to explore the region, join one of the city tours or excursions. Maybe you want to participate in one of the sporting activities or to learn something new in a self-defence training. Find out more about the leisure and cultural programme on our website!

2) participants of falken und jusos

  • How is the journey organized within Germany?

The regional branches of Falken and Jusos are organizing busses to and from the festival. You will receive more information from your regional branch. Travel expenses have to be paid on top of the participation fee but we try to keep them as low as possible. We won’t be able to reimburse individual travel expenses.

 3) international participants

  • How to get there?

The international airports Amsterdam and Düsseldorf are very close. We will logistically support the transport from the airports to the festival area. Neighbouring countries of Germany will be supported with bus travel arrangements.

  • Pre-festival programme in Berlin

We will offer a political programme for comrades who want to visit Berlin before the festival. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with us no later than February 15th. Please note that we only have limited space for this programme and that expenses have to be covered by participants or their organizations.

  • Participate!

We are looking forward to international perspectives in all three workshop sessions as well as the theme tents. If you want to host a workshop, just get in touch with us or Ecosy, IUSY or IFM. Of course, we will also have an international (food) fair.

  • But will there be activities in English?

Workers Youth Festival is an international event – of course each workshop session will include political programme in English. Also panel discussions and ceremonies will either be held in English or translation will be available. Some events will be offered in Spanish and French.

  • Entry

If you are a member of IUSY, ECOSY, or IFM-SEI and need assistance in entering Germany (for instance a visa), please get in touch with us.

4) registration

  • Where can I register for the Workers Youth Festival?

You can find the festival registration on our website.

  • How can I login? And why do I need login details?

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation link. Via this link you confirm your registration. After that, you will receive your login details for accessing the login area atwww.workersyouthfestival.org/. You need the login details for having a look at your registration (or even your group) and change your data.

  • I want to change some details of my registration!

You can edit your data in the login area. Phone number and address can be changed until shortly before the festival. However, please note that some details (such as accommodation, food etc.) cannot be changed after a certain deadline because we need something to plan with. We will announce this deadline in due time.

  • I want to register a group!

A group can be a lot of things: your district, five of your friends, all participants of your regional branch or even a delegation from IUSY, ECOSY or IFM-SEI. In all these cases, please use the group registration option online.

When registering, you give your group a name. Since it may happen that a group is registered multiple times, we will check your data before sending out a confirmation. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know all data about all your group members when registering, only the approximate number of participants. Group members can add and edit their own data later.

Heads of delegations can access all data about their participants and will receive a notification if someone registers with their group. Please note that we can always shift unconfirmed contingents (e.g. registrations without names etc.) if we receive a huge number of registrations. You can find more information in the registration section on our website.

  • I registered but want to join a group!

No problem! Group registration is flexible and everyone can become a part of a group, even if registered individually.

Example 1: I registered individually but want to join the group “district XY”: You can add yourself to the group. The head of delegation will receive a notification that you have registered with their group.

Example 2: After registering with the group “district XY” I moved to another region: No problem – just change your group affiliation!

  • I filled in the form – is my registration completed?!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation link via email. Registration is only completed after confirming via that link. This process helps us to detect typos in registered email addresses.

  • I am under 18!

We need a declaration of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian for all participants under 18. We will send you this form prior to the festival.



oday our WYF – countdown starts: 150 days left to celebrating 150 years of workers youth movement in Dortmund!

We had the idea of making the counting of the days a little more special. We will therefore do it all together! Until May 9th you will see a lot of participants of WYF on our facebook page.

We are many. We are all different. Diversity is the strength of our movement.

We fight for social change and a world of justice, solidarity and freedom, for a socialist world in which people count – not profits. We fight for a democratic world, in which young people can participate and co-decide.

You want to be part of the foto countdown? Send an e-mail to info@workersyouthfestival.org. We will let you know which numbers are still available and are already excited about your ideas!


Today we are releasing our second music act at Workers Youth Festival for you. It is ANTILOPENGANG!! They are especially famous for their satirical song “Fick die Uni”. They have a huge variety of songs and also a lot of Antilopengang is a very fun live act and we look forward to having them in Dortmund! Are you too?