SJD – Die Falken: we are part of it!

In Falken groups, it’s children and youth who spend their time together and fighting for better policies for all young people. Politics has something to do with ourselves, with our personal interests and needs. We Falken work against paternalism, against intolerance and inhumane slogans and policies. We advocate for better democracy, social justice, equality and a fundamental change in the existing society. Being an organization with more than 100 years of history, we have learned that we must get active ourselves for our interests. We are aware that only a fundamental change of society can lead to an enforcement of freedom, peace, justice and self-determination for all people. And regarding all the things that we think, dream and hope: we try to ‘live’ them already today. International solidarity has many faces: to meet other people, to live together, to get to understand each other, to support sister organizations around the world in their activities. Together we fight for a better world, for justice, peace and freedom, without exploitation of man by man. We collect money for solidarity projects, inform about the situation in other countries and meet with our friends from around the world at international festivals and camps. Much more information can be found at



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