the Jusos – Young Socialists!

Also on board: the Jusos – Young Socialists!Who we are? We fight for solidarity, freedom and justice. We are one of the largest and oldest political youth organisations in Europe. The Young Socialists gather young people between the age 14 and 35, who call for equal education opportunities, social justice and ecological sustainability. We are committed to the specific interests of young people, which at the same time comprises a deep belief that a different personal and work life and a different economic is possible.

Jusos are the youth wing of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Being part of the SPD, we are committed to our political ideas and therefore strive to shape the party accordingly. But we are more than just the “youth wing”: a political youth organisation is part of the young generation and fights for political majorities. In election campaigns, we advocate for progressive reforms and fight against believers ‘in the market’ and the conservatives. We Young Socialists demand a cohesive state that puts up social limits against unbridled markets. We do not believe in the omnipotence of a free economy, but are convinced that social and environmental rules are necessary – because we want everyone to have a share in the economic progress. More information about us can be found at



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