Labor and Social affairs

The term “Eurozone crisis” masks the highest youth unemployment in Europe for a long time, a transformation of national decision-making structures and a radical cutback of social security systems, all in the name of austerity. What is forgotten is that it is not the Euro, but the financial ... » mehr

Global Problems and Peace

What does globalization mean today? What is peace? What are our perspectives on wars, militarization, colonialism, global politics and the role of Europe? seminars about peace making, colonial continuity in the global north and south, socialism in latin America or peace in the middle East will ... » mehr

Equality and Feminism

The separation of gender is absolute. In our societies it is a daily experience for people to be categorized, separated and discriminated against. This separation is often not questioned; rather, it is seen as “natural”. Earning less money, being condescended to, not being taken seriously and ... » mehr

Democracy and Participation

Your voice will be heard, counts and makes a difference. The right to vote and to take part is among the hard-fought achievements of the labor movement. But the fight for democracy is not over yet. In many areas, especially economy, there is no democratic control or organization.

In ... » mehr


High chimneys, towering columns of smoke – in the past this was a sign for unlimited growth. Today it´s classified as destructive exploitation and irresponsible pollution. The realization that our resources are finite together with the wish to leave a livable world for the next generations ... » mehr


Being different without fear – ever since the murders committed by the right wing underground organization nsu it seems as though this isn’t possible in our society. As socialists, we fight against exclusion and for a society in which all people can be equal and different. In this workshop ... » mehr


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