Dealing with the crisis - Experiences from Asia and Latin America


Europe is stuck in the middle of a financial crisis and is trying to overcome this situation by implementing austerity policies. Other countries and continents have already had experience with these policies e.g. Latin America or Asia. What can Europe learn from the experiences of other countries?

Chair: Sascha Vogt, Jusos chair man

Guests (among others): Prof. Heiner Flassbeck, former chief economist of UNCTAD, Viviana Pinero, president of IUSY




Also on board: the Jusos – Young Socialists!Who we are? We fight for solidarity, freedom and justice. We are one of the largest and oldest political youth organisations in Europe. The Young Socialists gather young people between the age 14 and 35, who call for equal education opportunities, social justice and ecological sustainability. We ... more ...




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