Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem – difficult times for promoting peace?


Young comrades from Israel, Palestine and Germany are partners in the Willy-Brandt-Center since 1996. Together with our partners we want to discuss the current perspective for dialogue and peace. What’s the situation after the Israeli elections, what does non-violent resistance mean and what’s the task for international partners?



Alexander Rüsche
Christoph Dinkelaker


Jan Lichwitz



Also on board: the Jusos – Young Socialists!Who we are? We fight for solidarity, freedom and justice. We are one of the largest and oldest political youth organisations in Europe. The Young Socialists gather young people between the age 14 and 35, who call for equal education opportunities, social justice and ecological sustainability. We ... more ...




The Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem (WBC) is a place of equal encounters between German, Israeli, and Palestinian young adults. On the basis of social and democratic values, the WBC puts ideas of the Civil Peace service into practice. The main aim is to build trust and solidarity among young people. As a center for encounters and communication the centre currently hosts three main projects: The trilateral project with ... more ...


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