In dieser Podiumsdiskussion wollen wir unter anderem mit Katharina Schwabedissen und Chantal Louis (Emma Redaktion) den gesamtgesellschaftlichen Rollback auch und gerade in der Frauenfrage diskutieren. Gemeinsam wollen wir überlegen, ob der Rollback in Sachen Emanzipation im Zusammenhang mit der ökonomischen Krise zu sehen ist.



Katharina Schabedissen
Chantal Louis



In Falken groups, it’s children and youth who spend their time together and fighting for better policies for all young people. Politics has something to do with ourselves, with our personal interests and needs. We Falken work against paternalism, against intolerance and inhumane slogans and policies. We advocate for better democracy, social justice, equality and a fundamental change in the ... more ...




During the day, the pavilion will be used for cultural events. on Thursday evening, you’ll experience an excellent poetry slam with sebastian lehmann (www.sebastianlehmann.blogspot.de) and Jay nightwind (www.jaynightwind.blogspot.de). Then the stage opens to everyone: come and share your musical talent with all of us!on Friday evening, there will be open-air readings held on stage. manja Präkels and markus liske read from ... more ...


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