Versuch eines systematischen Einstieges in die Logik hinter Verwertungs- und Wachstumsprozessen. Dass Marx‘sche Grundkategorien nach wie vor dafür geeignet sind, kritische Gesellschaftstheorie zu betreiben, soll anhand von aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzungen & Alltagserfahrungen aufgezeigt werden.



Max Bub



In Falken groups, it’s children and youth who spend their time together and fighting for better policies for all young people. Politics has something to do with ourselves, with our personal interests and needs. We Falken work against paternalism, against intolerance and inhumane slogans and policies. We advocate for better democracy, social justice, equality and a fundamental change in the ... more ...




The way the economy works in capitalism disturbs us. Capitalism leads to material progress, innovation and luxury for some. But on the other hand, it leads to exploitation, environmental damage und poverty for a lot of people. What to do? In the “Alternative economics” tent we will consider alternatives to the ruling economic system. how can we operate in different ways?

We as socialists know always what bothers ... more ...


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