We are many, we are loud and we have something to say!

We fight for social change and a world of justice, solidarity and freedom, for a socialist world in which people count – not profits. We fight for a democratic world, in which young people can participate and co-decide.

At the Workers Youth Festival we will show to the world the ideals that we are fighting for. From May 9th to 12th, 2013 we will prove: youth are not turned off by politics, they are turned off by its system! The festival will encompass four days of various political actions, workshops, discussions and concerts!

Comrades from all over the world, trade unions and fellow organisations are invited – and you are, too!

And there is reason to celebrate: 150 years ago, the first workers’ party in Germany was founded. We will celebrate 150 years of workers’ youth movement!

We have achieved a lot. It’s worthwhile to have a look back on our history. But we’ll do more than that! As socialists we want to create a future in solidarity. We show that there is another way and we will continue to write the (his)story. Our fight is still far from being finished!

Our ideas for a different way of living together will not only be discussed in workshops – activism, creativity, theory and practice shall be the different ways to experience. There will be open space as well as a great day of action in the inner city of Dortmund. We encourage you all to become actively involved in the fascinating programme! Exchange with young comrades from around the world will provide a better understanding of global interrelations and enables you to experience day-by-day solidarity in real life. Of course, the leisure time activities won’t fall short: concerts and lectures, sports and time to relax, movies, tours and much more awaits you.

Be part of it – join the Workers Youth Festival: