The festival will take place in Dortmund’s Fredenbaumpark .

The park offers a beautiful green area on which we can base our villages for political workshops and a larger tent for the central events. Thanks to many trees on the festival ground, we will enjoy great nature in the middle of the city (and enough shade, too!). The pond can be used for boat rides, but due to the amount of ducks it is not foreseen for swimming. Besides the possibility to play soccer and beach volleyball, areas for mini golf and table tennis tables are awaiting us. The music pavilion will stage small concerts, readings and poetry slams. And apart from the many recreational opportunities the park is already offering, you can rely upon the fact that we will come up with a lot more for you!

Regarding the accommodation, we will try our best to take different needs into account. Please simply tick your preferred options in the registration form.

  • As a festival participant you can directly move into a tent within the grounds of the Fredenbaumpark.
  • If you prefer to have a proper roof over my head, we will make sure that you can make yourselves comfortable in gymnasiums and classrooms in the vicinity of the park.